Happiness is so much a decision that we make.  I’ve just been  looking out of our bedroom window and it’s pouring with rain and outside is the bin man / refuse collector and there is  such a spring in his step. He is bouncing around up and down as he is getting out the bins and putting them out on the road ready for the truck to come round and collect everything. I can see him literally singing in the rain! His hair is plastered to his head as he is drenched by the rain and he’s singing and dancing away as he’s in his own private world. He has been doing it for about 20 years and I have to say how much I  respect and admire his appreciation of his own personal joy that he beams out into the world. He clearly is a very happy man inside and chooses to love what he does. Every minute he is radiating happiness.

A joy to watch and I am thankful that special people like that exist and show me (and others) how to be a better me!